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Hubert Holin is a mathematician. He is currently a civil servant of the french state (no longer indentured, but still stuck). He has also worked as a developper in a small french start-up , and as a math teacher in a private non-religious higher-ed school.

His first programs were in assembly language/micro-code on an Hewlett-Packard HP 25 hand-held calculator (a marked improvement over his father's use of binary-on-strips-of-paper on some forgoten piece of metal...), back in the mists of time. He is a Mac-using refugee of the Atari, and on a personal jihad against The Evil Empire Of Computing ™.

Very much a Child of the World, he has lived in Europe, Africa, the U.S.A., and is married with a chinese girl (with whom he has both a daughter and a son).

Email: Hubert.Holin@Bigfoot.com

Home page: http://www.Bigfoot.com/~Hubert.Holin