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kevlin_henney.jpg (18107 bytes) Kevlin Henney (mailto:kevlin@curbralan.com, http://www.curbralan.com) is an independent consultant and trainer based in the UK. He has developed and delivered training course material and consultancy on many aspects of OO development, which he has practiced across a number of domains for longer than he cares (or can) remember. His professional interests include patterns, OO and component-based design, architecture, distributed object systems, and languages, including C++, C#, Java, and Ruby. He is also a member of the BSI C++ standards committee.

Now that writing code is no longer the core responsibility of his job, his non-professional interests seem to include the hacking associated with the aforementioned professional interests. However, never being one to keep something to himself (like C++'s relationship with C, this is regarded as both a strength and a weakness), he shares/inflicts (delete as necessary) his professional and non-professional development experiences with/on (ditto) others through writing articles and presenting tutorials, workshops and papers at conferences.

He is married, and not just to his work. He and Carolyn have one child, Stefan. The little spare time that remains to him is taken up with music, reading, pub appreciation, etc. Although with a newborn, there is more reading and less pub appreciation (pubs are still appreciated, but more in memory than in interaction).  Finally, although he enjoys writing, Kevlin is not really one for writing in the third person.