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Mat Marcus is a senior computer scientist in the Advanced Technology Group at Adobe Systems, Inc. He has been developing software since 1985. In the summer of 2000, during a camping trip on the Washington coast, he read Czarnecki and Eisenecker's seminal "Generative Programming" book. This opened up a world of development possibilities beyond objects for him, and he hasn't looked back. His first contribution to Boost followed soon afterwards; he discovered a way to exploit the properties of the sizeof operator to simulate partial specialization (is_pointer, etc. with Jesse Jones).

A mathematician by training, Mat is amused by abstraction. In his spare professional time he is studying algebraic specification, category theory, and philosophy in the hopes of someday understanding and exploiting the deep answers to the question "What is a type?". He is currently active as Adobe's principal representative on the ANSI/ISO C++ committee. Mat also enjoys ultimate frisbee, go, bodysurfing, and camping with his family. But above all, he likes to laugh.

Mat lives in Seattle with his wife and young son (shown in large photo).