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paul_moore.jpg (12023 bytes)Paul Moore lives in Cheshire, England. He is married, with one son. His "day job" is as an Oracle DBA, but he writes C and C++ programs in his spare time.

Paul started programming on Acorn's BBC Micro and RISC PC series of computers, but finally went mainstream and bought a PC, on which he now runs Windows and Linux. Paul's main interest is in porting and developing open-source software, and so his main programming language is C (at least until the open source community switches to C++).

Paul's main claim to C++ fame is that he owns all 3 editions of Bjarne Stroustrup's "The C++ Programming language", plus the ARM and the C++ standard, but he didn't own a C++ compiler until after the 3rd edition of Stroustrup's book came out. Make of that what you will...