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intel-win32 toolset


Boost.Build's intel-win32 toolset supports the Intel C++ Compiler for Windows. This compiler is compatible with the msvc tools.

Configuration Variables

The intel-win32 toolset responds to the following variables which can be set in the environment or configured on the jam command-line using -sVARIABLE_NAME=value. This toolset is by default an extension to the msvc toolset and therefore responds to all of the MSVC configuration variables in addition to those listed below. The toolset can be configure to extend vc7 or vc7.1 instead.
Variable Name Semantics Default Notes
INTEL_PATH The path of the compiler installation. C:\Program Files\Intel\Compiler70\IA32
INTEL_VERSION The version of the intel compiler in use Deduced from INTEL_PATH. In most installations you can leave this variable unset.
INTEL_TOOL_PATH Path to the directory of the compiler tool executables. $(INTEL_PATH)/bin/ In most installations you can leave this variable unset.
INTEL_BASE_MSVC_TOOLSET The base toolset to extend this toolset from. This can be one of msvc, vc7, or vc7.1. msvc If you have both vc6 and vc7, you may want your Intel compiler to use the VC7 libaries instead of the default vc6 libraries, in which case set this to vc7.

Revised 1 June, 2003

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