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Class template basic_managed_external_buffer



// In header: <boost/interprocess/managed_external_buffer.hpp>

template<typename CharType, typename AllocationAlgorithm, 
         template< class IndexConfig > class IndexType> 
class basic_managed_external_buffer {
  // construct/copy/destruct
  basic_managed_external_buffer(create_only_t, void *, std::size_t);
  basic_managed_external_buffer(open_only_t, void *, std::size_t);
  basic_managed_external_buffer(basic_managed_external_buffer &&);
  basic_managed_external_buffer& operator=(basic_managed_external_buffer &&);

  // public member functions
  void grow(std::size_t) ;
  void swap(basic_managed_external_buffer &&) ;


A basic user memory named object creation class. Inherits all basic functionality from basic_managed_memory_impl<CharType, AllocationAlgorithm, IndexType>

basic_managed_external_buffer public construct/copy/destruct

  1. basic_managed_external_buffer();

    Default constructor. Does nothing. Useful in combination with move semantics

  2. basic_managed_external_buffer(create_only_t, void * addr, std::size_t size);
  3. basic_managed_external_buffer(open_only_t, void * addr, std::size_t size);
  4. basic_managed_external_buffer(basic_managed_external_buffer && moved);
  5. basic_managed_external_buffer& 
    operator=(basic_managed_external_buffer && moved);

basic_managed_external_buffer public member functions

  1. void grow(std::size_t extra_bytes) ;
  2. void swap(basic_managed_external_buffer && other) ;

    Swaps the ownership of the managed heap memories managed by *this and other. Never throws.