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(Python)Function template circle_graph_layout

boost::circle_graph_layout — Layout the graph with the vertices at the points of a regular n-polygon.


template<typename VertexListGraph, typename PositionMap, typename Radius> 
  void circle_graph_layout(const VertexListGraph & g, PositionMap position, 
                           Radius radius);

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The distance from the center of the polygon to each point is determined by the radius parameter. The position parameter must be an Lvalue Property Map whose value type is a class type containing x and y members that will be set to the x and y coordinates.


IN: const VertexListGraph& g
The graph object on which the algorithm will be applied. The type VertexListGraph must be a model of Vertex List Graph.
Python: The parameter is named graph.
OUT: PositionMap position
This property map is used to store the position of each vertex. The type PositionMap must be a model of Writable Property Map, with the graph's edge descriptor type as its key type. The value type of this property map should be assignable from the type Radius.
Python: The position map must be a vertex_point2d_map for the graph.
Python default: graph.get_vertex_point2d_map("position")
IN: Radius radius
This is the radius of the circle on which points will be layed out. It must be compatible with double.

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