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Inverse Adjacency Iterator Adaptor

Defined in header boost/graph/adjacency_iterator.hpp

The inverse adjacency iterator adaptor transforms an in_edge_iterator into an inverse adjacency iterator. That is, it takes an iterator that traverses over edges, and creates an iterator that traverses over the source vertices of those edges.


namespace boost {
  template <class Graph, class VertexDescriptor, class InEdgeIter>
  class inv_adjacency_iterator_generator {
    typedef iterator_adaptor<...> type;


The following is an example of how to use the inv_adjacency_iterator_generator class.

#include <boost/graph/adjacency_iterator.hpp>

class my_graph {
  // ...
  typedef ... in_edge_iterator;
  typedef ... vertex_descriptor;
  typedef boost::inv_adjacency_iterator_generator<my_graph, vertex_descriptor, in_edge_iterator>::type inv_adjacency_iterator;
  // ...

Template Parameters

Graph The graph type, which must model Incidence Graph.
VertexDescriptor This must be the same type as graph_traits<Graph>::vertex_descriptor. The reason why this is a template parameter is that the primary use of inv_adjacency_iterator_generator is inside the definition of the graph class, and in that context we can not use graph_traits on the not yet fully defined graph class.
Default: graph_traits<Graph>::vertex_descriptor
InEdgeIter This must be the same type as graph_traits<Graph>::in_edge_iterator.
Default: graph_traits<Graph>::in_edge_iterator

Model of

The inverse adjacency iterator adaptor (the type inv_adjacency_iterator_generator<...>::type) is a model of Multi-Pass Input Iterator .


The inverse adjacency iterator type implements the member functions and operators required of the Random Access Iterator concept, except that the reference type is the same as the value_type so operator*() returns by-value. In addition it has the following constructor:
inv_adjacency_iterator_generator::type(const InEdgeIter& it, const Graph* g)

Revised 19 Aug 2001

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