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Known Problems and Workarounds

This is a list of known problems compiling the BGL for different compilers and versions.
  1. The subgraph adaptor has several known problems:
  2. The EdgeListS parameter to the adjacency list is essentially fixed to listS: other selectors are unlikely to work.
  3. Using a GraphProperty with adjacency_list may cause a VC++ internal compiler error.
  4. Using get(property, graph, edge) may cause a VC++ internal compiler error.
  5. "using boost::tie;" may cause VC++ internal compiler error.


Compiler Warnings on hash_set and hash_map. Versions of GCC >= 4.3 deprecate these headers and data structures and will emit warnings when compiling the BGL. To suppress these warnings and the hash-based storage selectors define the BOOST_NO_HASH prior to including any Boost.Graph headers.

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