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Readable Property Map

A Readable Property Map provides read-access to the value object associated with a given key via a call to the get() function. The get() function returns a copy of the value object.

Refinement of

Copy Constructible


PMap A type that is a model of Readable Property Map.
pmap An object of type PMap.
key An object of type boost::property_traits<PMap>::key_type.

Associated Types

Value Type boost::property_traits<PMap>::value_type The type of the property.
Reference Type boost::property_traits<PMap>::reference A type that is convertible to the value type.
Key Type boost::property_traits<PMap>::key_type The type of the key object used to look up the property. The property map may be templated on the key type, in which case this typedef can be void.
Property Map Category boost::property_traits<PMap>::category The category of the property: a type convertible to readable_property_map_tag.

Valid Expressions

NameExpressionReturn TypeDescription
Get Property Value get(pmap, key) reference Lookup the property of the object identified by key.

Concept Checking Class

  template <class PMap, class Key>
  struct ReadablePropertyMapConcept
    typedef typename property_traits<PMap>::key_type key_type;
    typedef typename property_traits<PMap>::category Category;
    typedef boost::readable_property_map_tag ReadableTag;
    void constraints() {
      function_requires< ConvertibleConcept<Category, ReadableTag> >();

      val = get(pmap, k);
    PMap pmap;
    Key k;
    typename property_traits<PMap>::value_type val;

See Also

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Design Notes

At various times the name "read-only" was considered for this concept. However, that name is inappropriate because concepts are inherently positive, not negative. This becomes obvious when we define the Read Write Property Map, which refines both the Readable Property Map and the Writable Property Map concept. It would not make much sense to combine "read-only" and "write-only" concepts!

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