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Boost.Flyweight Acknowledgements

The following people have provided valuable feedback and suggestions during the development of the library: Ion Gaztañaga, Janek Kozicki, Tobias Schwinger, Pavel Voženílek. Simon Atanasyan contributed a workaround for a problem with Sun Studio compilers. Rosa Bernárdez has proofread the documentation from the first drafts up to its present form.

The acceptance review of Boost.Flyweight took place between January 21st and February 3rd 2008. Many thanks to Ion Gaztañaga, the stalwart review manager, and to all the reviewers: Alberto Ganesh Barbati, Tim Blechmann, Vicente Juan Botet Escribá, Matías Capeletto, Neil Hunt, Marcus Lindblom, John Reid, David Sankel, Kevin Sopp, John Torjo, Markus Werle. Alberto identified important limitations of the initial design, which led to the introduction of key-value flyweights.

Boost.Flyweight relies on the Boost MPL Library from Aleksey Gurtovoy. The free-order template parameter interface offered by the library has been implemented with the Boost Parameter Library from David Abrahams and Daniel Wallin. Ion Gaztañaga's Boost Interprocess Library is the core element behind the intermodule_holder component.

This work is dedicated to Jorge López, in the hope that past dire straits gentler oceans will lie.

Boost 1.39 release

Many thanks to Tim Blechmann for helping identify and solve a serious thread safety problem and to Peter Dimov for kindly extending the interface of his boost::detail::atomic_count utility to allow for the implementation of the fix.

Boost 1.57 release

Boost.Flyweight serialization uses the newly introduced helper support functionality of the Boost Serialization Library from Robert Ramey. Without helper support, serialization of flyweights would have been unacceptably costly in terms of archive space consumption.

Revised September 1st 2014

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