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Boost.Flyweight Tests

The Boost.Flyweight test suite exercises the whole spectrum of functionalities provided by the library. Although the tests are not meant to serve as a learning guide, the interested reader may find it useful to inspect the source code to gain familiarity with the usage of Boost.Flyweight.

Boost.Flyweight test suite.
Program Description
test_assoc_cont_factory.cpp assoc_container_factory factory specifier.
test_basic.cpp Exercises the default components of flyweight.
test_custom_factory.cpp Creates a user-defined factory class and specifier.
test_init.cpp Boost.Flyweight static data initialization facilities.
Exercises intermodule_holder.
test_multictor.cpp Tests flyweight multiple argument and initializer-list constructors.
test_no_locking.cpp no_locking policy.
test_no_tracking.cpp no_tracking policy.
test_serialization.cpp Exercises flyweight serialization capabilities.
test_set_factory.cpp set_factory factory specifier.

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