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Function template make_overloaded_function

boost::make_overloaded_function — Make an overloaded function object without explicitly specifying the function types.


// In header: <boost/functional/overloaded_function.hpp>

template<typename F1, typename F2, ... > 
  overloaded_function< __function_type__< F1 >, __function_type__< F2 >,...> 
  make_overloaded_function(F1 f1, F2 f2, ...);


This function template creates and returns an overloaded_function object that overloads all the specified functions f1, f2, etc.

The function types are internally determined from the template parameter types so they do not need to be explicitly specified. Therefore, this function template usually has a more concise syntax when compared with overloaded_function. This is especially useful when the explicit type of the returned overloaded_function object does not need to be known (e.g., when used with Boost.Typeof's BOOST_AUTO, C++11 auto, or when the overloaded function object is handled using a function template parameter, see the Tutorial section).

The maximum number of functions to overload is given by the BOOST_FUNCTIONAL_OVERLOADED_FUNCTION_CONFIG_OVERLOAD_MAX configuration macro.

Note: In this documentation, __function_type__ is a placeholder for a symbol that is specific to the implementation of this library.