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Overloaded name
Overloaded name is a term used in this reference documentation to designate a metafunction providing more than one public interface. In reality, class template overloading is nonexistent and the referenced functionality is implemented by other, unspecified, means.
A sequence s1 is said to be concept-identical to a sequence s2 if s1 and s2 model the exact same set of concepts.
Bind expression

A bind expression is simply that — an instantiation of one of the bind class templates. For instance, these are all bind expressions:

bind< quote3<if_>, _1,int,long >
bind< _1, bind< plus<>, int_<5>, _2> >
bind< times<>, int_<2>, int_<2> >

and these are not:

if_< _1, bind< plus<>, int_<5>, _2>, _2 >
protect< bind< quote3<if_>, _1,int,long > >