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QVM: Quaternions, Vectors, Matrices


#include <boost/qvm/deduce_mat.hpp>

namespace boost
    namespace qvm
        template <class A,class B,int Rows,int Cols>
        struct deduce_mat2
            typedef /*unspecified*/ type;



  • is_mat<deduce_mat2<A,B>::type>::value must be true
  • deduce_mat2<A,B>::type must be copyable
  • mat_traits<deduce_mat2<A,B>::type>::rows==Rows
  • mat_traits<deduce_mat2<A,B>::type>::cols==Cols

This template is used by Boost QVM whenever it needs to deduce a matrix type of certain dimensions from the types of two user-supplied function parameters. The returned type must have accessible copy constructor (the A and B types themselves could be non-copyable, and either one of them may be a non-matrix type.)

The main template definition returns an unspecified matrix type of the requested dimensions with scalar_type obtained by deduce_scalar<A,B>::type, except if A and B are the same matrix type M of dimensions Rows x Cols, in which case M is returned, which is only suitable for copyable types. Boost QVM also defines (partial) specializations for the non-copyable matrix types it produces. Users can define other (partial) specializations for their own types.

A typical use of the deduce_mat2 template is for specifying the preferred matrix type to be returned by the generic function template overloads in Boost QVM depending on the type of their arguments.