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QVM: Quaternions, Vectors, Matrices


#include <boost/qvm/quat_operations.hpp>

namespace boost
    namespace qvm
        //Only enabled if:
        //  is_quat<A>::value && is_quat<B>::value && is_scalar<C>
        template <class A,class B,class C>
        typename deduce_quat2<A,B> >::type
        slerp( A const & a, B const & b, C c );


t>=0 && t<=1.


A quaternion that is the result of Spherical Linear Interpolation of the quaternions a and b and the interpolation parameter c. When slerp is applied to unit quaternions, the quaternion path maps to a path through 3D rotations in a standard way. The effect is a rotation with uniform angular velocity around a fixed rotation axis.