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Header <boost/test/unit_test_parameters.hpp>

Provides access to various Unit Test Framework runtime parameters.

Primarily for use by the framework itself

namespace boost {
  namespace unit_test {
    namespace runtime_config {
      class stream_holder;

      std::string AUTO_START_DBG;
      std::string BREAK_EXEC_PATH;
      std::string BUILD_INFO;
      std::string CATCH_SYS_ERRORS;
      std::string COLOR_OUTPUT;
      std::string DETECT_FP_EXCEPT;
      std::string DETECT_MEM_LEAKS;
      std::string LIST_CONTENT;
      std::string LIST_LABELS;
      std::string COMBINED_LOGGER;
      std::string LOG_FORMAT;
      std::string LOG_LEVEL;
      std::string LOG_SINK;
      std::string OUTPUT_FORMAT;
      std::string RANDOM_SEED;
      std::string REPORT_FORMAT;
      std::string REPORT_LEVEL;
      std::string REPORT_MEM_LEAKS;
      std::string REPORT_SINK;
      std::string RESULT_CODE;
      std::string RUN_FILTERS;
      std::string SAVE_TEST_PATTERN;
      std::string SHOW_PROGRESS;
      std::string USE_ALT_STACK;
      std::string WAIT_FOR_DEBUGGER;
      void init(int & argc, char ** argv);

      // Access to arguments. 
      runtime::arguments_store const & argument_store();
      template<typename T> T const & get(runtime::cstring parameter_name);
      bool has(runtime::cstring parameter_name);

      // For public access. 
      bool save_pattern();