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Class template small_vector_base



// In header: <boost/container/small_vector.hpp>

template<typename T, typename SecondaryAllocator> 
class small_vector_base : public boost::container::vector< T, small_vector_allocator< SecondaryAllocator > >
  // construct/copy/destruct
  small_vector_base & operator=(const small_vector_base &);
  small_vector_base & operator=(small_vector_base &&);

  // public member functions
  void swap(small_vector_base &);


This class consists of common code from all small_vector<T, N> types that don't depend on the "N" template parameter. This class is non-copyable and non-destructible, so this class typically used as reference argument to functions that read or write small vectors. Since small_vector<T, N> derives from small_vector_base<T>, the conversion to small_vector_base is implicit

//Clients can pass any small_vector<Foo, N>.
void read_any_small_vector_of_foo(const small_vector_base<Foo> &in_parameter);

void modify_any_small_vector_of_foo(small_vector_base<Foo> &in_out_parameter);

void some_function()

   small_vector<Foo, 8> myvector;

   read_any_small_vector_of_foo(myvector);   // Reads myvector

   modify_any_small_vector_of_foo(myvector); // Modifies myvector


All boost::container:vector member functions are inherited. See vector documentation for details.

small_vector_base public construct/copy/destruct

  1. small_vector_base & operator=(const small_vector_base & other);
  2. small_vector_base & operator=(small_vector_base && other);

small_vector_base public member functions

  1. void swap(small_vector_base & other);