Boost GIL

File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*algorithm.hppSome basic STL-style algorithms when applied to image views
o*extension/dynamic_image/algorithm.hppSome basic STL-style algorithms when applied to runtime type specified image views
o*any_image.hppSupport for run-time instantiated images and image views
o*any_image_view.hppSupport for run-time instantiated image view
o*apply_operation.hppImplements apply_operation for variants. Optionally performs type reduction
o*apply_operation_base.hppGiven an object with run-time specified type (denoted as an array of Bits, dynamic index, and a static set of Types) and a generic operation, casts the object to its appropriate type and applies the operation
o*bit_aligned_pixel_iterator.hppA model of a heterogeneous pixel that is not byte aligned. Examples are bitmap (1-bit pixels) or 6-bit RGB (222)
o*bit_aligned_pixel_reference.hppA model of a heterogeneous pixel that is not byte aligned. Examples are bitmap (1-bit pixels) or 6-bit RGB (222)
o*channel.hppChannel utilities
o*channel_algorithm.hppChannel algorithms
o*cmyk.hppSupport for CMYK color space and variants
o*color_base.hppPixel class and related utilities
o*color_base_algorithm.hppPixel related algorithms
o*color_convert.hppGIL default color space conversions
o*deprecated.hppDeprecated names This file is provided as a courtesy to ease upgrading GIL client code. Please make sure your code compiles when this file is not included
o*device_n.hppSupport for color space of N channels and variants
o*dynamic_at_c.hppConstructs for static-to-dynamic integer convesion
o*dynamic_image_all.hppIncludes all of the GIL dynamic image extension files, for convenience
o*gil_all.hppIncludes all GIL files for convenience
o*gil_concept.hppConcept check classes for GIL concepts
o*gil_config.hppGIL configuration file
o*gray.hppSupport for grayscale color space and variants
o*image.hppTemplated image
o*image_view.hppImage view class
o*image_view_factory.hppMethods for constructing image views from raw data or other image views /
o*extension/dynamic_image/image_view_factory.hppMethods for constructing any image views from other any image views /
o*iterator_from_2d.hppPixel step iterator, pixel image iterator and pixel dereference iterator
o*locator.hppPixel 2D locator
o*metafunctions.hppMetafunctions that construct types or return type properties
o*packed_pixel.hppA model of a heterogeneous pixel whose channels are bit ranges. For example 16-bit RGB in '565' format
o*pixel.hppPixel class and related utilities
o*pixel_iterator.hppPixel iterator support
o*pixel_iterator_adaptor.hppPixel step iterator, pixel image iterator and pixel dereference iterator
o*planar_pixel_iterator.hppPlanar pixel pointer class
o*planar_pixel_reference.hppPlanar pixel reference class
o*position_iterator.hppLocator for virtual image views
o*reduce.hppConstructs for static-to-dynamic integer convesion
o*rgb.hppSupport for RGB color space and variants
o*rgba.hppSupport for RGBA color space and variants
o*step_iterator.hppPixel step iterator
o*typedefs.hppUseful public typedefs
o*utilities.hppVarious utilities not specific to the image library. Some are non-standard STL extensions or generic iterator adaptors
o*variant.hppSupport for run-time instantiated types
\*virtual_locator.hppLocator for virtual image views