The BOOST_PP_DEDUCE_Z macro manually deduces the state of the BOOST_PP_REPEAT construct.




This macro is intended to avoid the use of automatic-recursion at deep expansion depths.  Automatic-recursion at such depths can be inefficient on some preprocessors.  It is not intended to be used directly with the invocation of macros with a _Z suffix such as:
If it is used in this context, the _Z macro will fail.  The _Z macros directly concatenate to the r parameter that is passed to them, which would prevent BOOST_PP_DEDUCE_Z() from expanding.  Furthermore, it is pointless to use this macro in a situation such as this because it would already be too late to gain any efficiency.

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Header:  <boost/preprocessor/repetition/deduce_z.hpp>

Copyright Housemarque Oy 2002
Copyright Paul Mensonides 2002

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