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QVM: Quaternions, Vectors, Matrices

C Arrays

In boost/qvm/quat_traits_array.hpp, boost/qvm/vec_traits_array.hpp and boost/qvm/mat_traits_array.hpp Boost QVM defines appropriate quat_traits, vec_traits and mat_traits specializations that allow Boost QVM functions to operate directly on plain old C arrays:

float v[3] = {0,0,7};
float3 vrot = rotx_mat<3>(3.14159f) * v;

Naturally, operator overloads cannot kick in if all elements of an expression are of built-in types. The following is illegal:

float v[3] = {0,0,7};
v *= 42;

The vref and mref function templates can be used to work around this issue:

float v[3] = {0,0,7};
vref(v) *= 42;

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