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QVM: Quaternions, Vectors, Matrices


#include <boost/qvm/deduce_scalar.hpp>

namespace boost
    namespace qvm
        template <class A,class B>
        struct deduce_scalar
            typedef typename impl<A,B>::type type;


A and B satisfy the scalar requirements.


If A and B are the same type, impl<A,B>::type returns that type. Otherwise, impl<A,B>::type is well defined for the following types only: signed/unsigned char, signed/unsigned short, signed/unsigned int, signed/unsigned long, float and double. The deduction logic is as follows:

  • if either of A and B is double, the result is double;
  • else, if one of A and B is an integer type and the other is float, the result is float;
  • else, if A or B is a signed integer and the other type is unsigned integer, the signed type is changed to unsigned, and then the lesser of the two integers is promoted to the other.