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Lazy constructors...

#include <boost/phoenix/object/construct.hpp>

Lazily construct an object from an arbitrary set of arguments:

construct<T>(ctor_arg1, ctor_arg2, ..., ctor_argN);

where the given parameters are the parameters to the constructor of the object of type T (This implies, that type T is expected to have a constructor with a corresponding set of parameter types.).


construct<std::string>(arg1, arg2)

Constructs a std::string from arg1 and arg2.

[Note] Note

The maximum number of actual parameters is limited by the preprocessor constant BOOST_PHOENIX_COMPOSITE_LIMIT. Note though, that this limit should not be greater than BOOST_PHOENIX_LIMIT. By default, BOOST_PHOENIX_COMPOSITE_LIMIT is set to BOOST_PHOENIX_LIMIT (See Actor).