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Struct template hash

boost::hash — A TR1 compliant hash function object.


// In header: <boost/container_hash/hash.hpp>

template<typename T> 
struct hash : public std::unary_function<T, std::size_t> {
  std::size_t operator()(T const&) const;


std::size_t operator()(T const& val) const;




The call to hash_value is unqualified, so that custom overloads can be found via argument dependent lookup.

This is not defined when the macro BOOST_HASH_NO_EXTENSIONS is defined. The specializations are still defined, so only the specializations required by TR1 are defined.

Forward declared in <boost/container_hash/hash_fwd.hpp>

This hash function is not intended for general use, and isn't guaranteed to be equal during separate runs of a program - so please don't use it for any persistent storage or communication.


Only throws if hash_value(T) throws.