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Header <boost/test/results_reporter.hpp>

defines testing result reporter interfaces

This file defines interfaces that are responsible for results reporting. Interface is presented in a form of free standing function implemented in namespace result_reporter

namespace boost {
  namespace unit_test {
    namespace results_reporter {
      class format;
      void set_level(report_level);
      void set_stream(std::ostream &);
      void set_format(output_format);
      void set_format(results_reporter::format *);
      std::ostream & get_stream();
      void make_report(report_level l = INV_REPORT_LEVEL, 
                       test_unit_id = INV_TEST_UNIT_ID);
      void confirmation_report(test_unit_id id = INV_TEST_UNIT_ID);
      void short_report(test_unit_id id = INV_TEST_UNIT_ID);
      void detailed_report(test_unit_id id = INV_TEST_UNIT_ID);