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Header <boost/test/tree/test_unit.hpp>

Defines test_unit, test_case, test_suite and master_test_suite_t.

namespace boost {
  namespace unit_test {
    class master_test_suite_t;
    class test_case;
    class test_suite;
    class test_unit;
    class test_unit_generator;

    typedef std::vector< test_unit_id > test_unit_id_list;
    test_case * make_test_case(boost::function< void()> const & test_func, 
                               const_string tc_name, const_string tc_file, 
                               std::size_t tc_line);
    template<typename UserTestCase, typename InstanceType> 
      test_case * make_test_case(void(UserTestCase::*)() test_method, 
                                 const_string tc_name, const_string tc_file, 
                                 std::size_t tc_line, 
                                 boost::shared_ptr< InstanceType > user_test_case);
    namespace framework {