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Header <boost/test/unit_test_parameters.hpp>

Provides access to various Unit Test Framework runtime parameters.

Primarily for use by the framework itself

namespace boost {
  namespace unit_test {
    namespace runtime_config {
      class stream_holder;

      std::string btrt_auto_start_dbg;
      std::string btrt_break_exec_path;
      std::string btrt_build_info;
      std::string btrt_catch_sys_errors;
      std::string btrt_color_output;
      std::string btrt_detect_fp_except;
      std::string btrt_detect_mem_leaks;
      std::string btrt_list_content;
      std::string btrt_list_labels;
      std::string btrt_log_format;
      std::string btrt_log_level;
      std::string btrt_log_sink;
      std::string btrt_combined_logger;
      std::string btrt_output_format;
      std::string btrt_random_seed;
      std::string btrt_report_format;
      std::string btrt_report_level;
      std::string btrt_report_mem_leaks;
      std::string btrt_report_sink;
      std::string btrt_result_code;
      std::string btrt_run_filters;
      std::string btrt_save_test_pattern;
      std::string btrt_show_progress;
      std::string btrt_use_alt_stack;
      std::string btrt_wait_for_debugger;
      std::string btrt_help;
      std::string btrt_usage;
      std::string btrt_version;
      void init(int & argc, char ** argv);

      // Access to arguments. 
      runtime::arguments_store const  & argument_store();
      template<typename T> T const  & get(runtime::cstring parameter_name);
      bool has(runtime::cstring parameter_name);

      // For public access. 
      bool save_pattern();