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//  boost/filesystem/exception.hpp  -----------------------------------------------------//

//  Copyright Beman Dawes 2003
//  Copyright Andrey Semashev 2019

//  Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
//  See

//  Library home page:


#include <boost/config.hpp>

# if defined( BOOST_NO_STD_WSTRING )
#   error Configuration not supported: Boost.Filesystem V3 and later requires std::wstring support
# endif

#include <boost/filesystem/config.hpp>
#include <boost/filesystem/path.hpp>

#include <string>
#include <boost/system/error_code.hpp>
#include <boost/system/system_error.hpp>
#include <boost/smart_ptr/intrusive_ptr.hpp>
#include <boost/smart_ptr/intrusive_ref_counter.hpp>

#include <boost/config/abi_prefix.hpp> // must be the last #include

#if defined(BOOST_MSVC)
#pragma warning(push)
// 'm_A' : class 'A' needs to have dll-interface to be used by clients of class 'B'
#pragma warning(disable: 4251)
// non dll-interface class 'A' used as base for dll-interface class 'B'
#pragma warning(disable: 4275)

namespace boost {
namespace filesystem {

//                                                                                      //
//                            class filesystem_error                                    //
//                                                                                      //

class BOOST_FILESYSTEM_DECL filesystem_error :
  public system::system_error
  // see for design rationale

  filesystem_error(const std::string& what_arg, system::error_code ec);
  filesystem_error(const std::string& what_arg, const path& path1_arg, system::error_code ec);
  filesystem_error(const std::string& what_arg, const path& path1_arg, const path& path2_arg, system::error_code ec);

  filesystem_error(filesystem_error const& that);
  filesystem_error& operator= (filesystem_error const& that);

  ~filesystem_error() BOOST_NOEXCEPT_OR_NOTHROW;

  const path& path1() const BOOST_NOEXCEPT
    return m_imp_ptr.get() ? m_imp_ptr->m_path1 : get_empty_path();
  const path& path2() const BOOST_NOEXCEPT
    return m_imp_ptr.get() ? m_imp_ptr->m_path2 : get_empty_path();

  const char* what() const BOOST_NOEXCEPT_OR_NOTHROW;

  static const path& get_empty_path() BOOST_NOEXCEPT;

  struct impl :
    public boost::intrusive_ref_counter< impl >
    path         m_path1; // may be empty()
    path         m_path2; // may be empty()
    std::string  m_what;  // not built until needed

    explicit impl(path const& path1) : m_path1(path1) {}
    impl(path const& path1, path const& path2) : m_path1(path1), m_path2(path2) {}
  boost::intrusive_ptr< impl > m_imp_ptr;

} // namespace filesystem
} // namespace boost

#if defined(BOOST_MSVC)
#pragma warning(pop)

#include <boost/config/abi_suffix.hpp> // pops abi_prefix.hpp pragmas