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basic_socket_acceptor::accept (9 of 16 overloads)

Accept a new connection.

    typename Executor1>
Protocol::socket::template rebind_executor< Executor1 >::other accept(
    const Executor1 & ex,
    boost::system::error_code & ec,
    typename enable_if< is_executor< Executor1 >::value >::type *  = 0);

This function is used to accept a new connection from a peer. The function call will block until a new connection has been accepted successfully or an error occurs.

This overload requires that the Protocol template parameter satisfy the AcceptableProtocol type requirements.



The I/O executor object to be used for the newly accepted socket.


Set to indicate what error occurred, if any.

Return Value

On success, a socket object representing the newly accepted connection. On error, a socket object where is_open() is false.

boost::asio::ip::tcp::acceptor acceptor(my_context);
boost::asio::ip::tcp::socket socket(acceptor.accept(my_context2, ec));
if (ec)
  // An error occurred.