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.. Distributed under the Boost
.. Software License, Version 1.0. (See accompanying
.. file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

 Iterator Concepts

:Author: David Abrahams, Jeremy Siek, Thomas Witt
:organization: `Boost Consulting`_, Indiana University `Open Systems
               Lab`_, `Zephyr Associates, Inc.`_
:date: $Date$
:copyright: Copyright David Abrahams, Jeremy Siek, and Thomas Witt 2004. 

.. _`Boost Consulting`:
.. _`Open Systems Lab`:
.. _`Zephyr Associates, Inc.`:

:abstract:  The iterator concept checking classes provide a mechanism for
  a template to report better error messages when a user instantiates
  the template with a type that does not meet the requirements of
  the template.

For an introduction to using concept checking classes, see
the documentation for the |concepts|_ library.

.. |concepts| replace:: ``boost::concept_check``
.. _concepts: ../../concept_check/index.html


Iterator Access Concepts

* |Readable|_ 
* |Writable|_ 
* |Swappable|_ 
* |Lvalue|_ 

.. |Readable| replace:: *Readable Iterator*
.. _Readable: ReadableIterator.html

.. |Writable| replace:: *Writable Iterator*
.. _Writable: WritableIterator.html

.. |Swappable| replace:: *Swappable Iterator*
.. _Swappable: SwappableIterator.html

.. |Lvalue| replace:: *Lvalue Iterator*
.. _Lvalue: LvalueIterator.html

Iterator Traversal Concepts

* |Incrementable|_
* |SinglePass|_
* |Forward|_
* |Bidir|_
* |Random|_

.. |Incrementable| replace:: *Incrementable Iterator*
.. _Incrementable: IncrementableIterator.html

.. |SinglePass| replace:: *Single Pass Iterator*
.. _SinglePass: SinglePassIterator.html

.. |Forward| replace:: *Forward Traversal*
.. _Forward: ForwardTraversal.html

.. |Bidir| replace:: *Bidirectional Traversal*
.. _Bidir: BidirectionalTraversal.html

.. |Random| replace:: *Random Access Traversal*
.. _Random: RandomAccessTraversal.html

``iterator_concepts.hpp`` Synopsis


    namespace boost_concepts {

        // Iterator Access Concepts

        template <typename Iterator>
        class ReadableIteratorConcept;

        template <
            typename Iterator
          , typename ValueType = std::iterator_traits<Iterator>::value_type
        class WritableIteratorConcept;

        template <typename Iterator>
        class SwappableIteratorConcept;

        template <typename Iterator>
        class LvalueIteratorConcept;

        // Iterator Traversal Concepts

        template <typename Iterator>
        class IncrementableIteratorConcept;

        template <typename Iterator>
        class SinglePassIteratorConcept;

        template <typename Iterator>
        class ForwardTraversalConcept;

        template <typename Iterator>
        class BidirectionalTraversalConcept;

        template <typename Iterator>
        class RandomAccessTraversalConcept;

        // Interoperability

        template <typename Iterator, typename ConstIterator>
        class InteroperableIteratorConcept;