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Algorithms and Utility Functions

Pixel algorithms, metafunctions and utility functions. More...


struct  default_color_converter
 class for color-converting one pixel to another More...
struct  pixels_are_compatible< P1, P2 >
 Returns whether two pixels are compatible Pixels are compatible if their channels and color space types are compatible. Compatible pixels can be assigned and copy constructed from one another. More...


template<typename SrcP , typename DstP >
void color_convert (const SrcP &src, DstP &dst)
 helper function for converting one pixel to another using GIL default color-converters where ScrP models HomogeneousPixelConcept DstP models HomogeneousPixelValueConcept

Detailed Description

Pixel algorithms, metafunctions and utility functions.

Since pixels model the ColorBaseConcept, all color-base related algorithms also apply to pixels. See Algorithms and Utility Functions for more.