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Pixel iterator models. More...


 An iterator over non-byte-aligned pixels. Models PixelIteratorConcept, PixelBasedConcept, MemoryBasedIteratorConcept, HasDynamicXStepTypeConcept.
 pixel step iterator, pixel image iterator and pixel dereference iterator
 Pointer to packed_pixel<P,CR,Layout>
 Support for interleaved iterators over packed pixel.
 C pointer to a pixel
 Iterators over interleaved pixels. A C pointer to a model of PixelValueConcept is used as an iterator over interleaved pixels. Models PixelIteratorConcept, HomogeneousPixelBasedConcept, HasDynamicXStepTypeConcept, MemoryBasedIteratorConcept.
 An iterator that invokes a provided function object upon dereference. Models: IteratorAdaptorConcept, PixelIteratorConcept.
 An iterator over planar pixels. Models PixelIteratorConcept, HomogeneousPixelBasedConcept, MemoryBasedIteratorConcept, HasDynamicXStepTypeConcept.
 An iterator that remembers its current X,Y position and invokes a function object with it upon dereferencing. Models PixelIteratorConcept, PixelBasedConcept, HasDynamicXStepTypeConcept. Used to create virtual image views.
 step iterators
 Iterators that allow for specifying the step between two adjacent values.

Detailed Description

Pixel iterator models.