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Type Analysis Metafunctions

Metafunctions that determine properties of GIL types. More...


 Determines if GIL constructs are basic. Basic constructs are the ones that can be generated with the type factory methods pixel_reference_type, iterator_type, locator_type, view_type and image_type They can be mutable/immutable, planar/interleaved, step/nonstep. They must use GIL-provided models.
 Determines if the given iterator/locator/view has a step that could be set dynamically.
 Determines if the given pixel reference/iterator/locator/view is mutable (i.e. its pixels can be changed)


struct  pixel_reference_is_proxy< PixelReference >
 Determines whether the given pixel reference is a proxy class or a native C++ reference. More...
struct  pixel_is_reference< Pixel >
 Given a model of a pixel, determines whether the model represents a pixel reference (as opposed to pixel value) More...

Detailed Description

Metafunctions that determine properties of GIL types.