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Indicate that an object t may be pilfered from.


Defined in header <boost/json/pilfer.hpp>

    class T>
    T&& t);

A pilfer operation is the construction of a new object of type T from an existing object t. After the construction, the only valid operation on the pilfered-from object is destruction. This permits optimizations beyond those available for a move-construction, as the pilfered-from object is not required to be in a "usable" state.

This is used similarly to std::move.


A pilfer constructor accepts a single argument of type pilfered and throws nothing:

struct T
    T( pilfered<T> ) noexcept;

Pilfer construction is performed using pilfer :

    T t1;                       // default construction
    T t2( pilfer( t1 ) );       // pilfer-construct from t1

    // At this point, t1 may only be destroyed
See Also

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Convenience header <boost/json.hpp>