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Statistical Distribution Explorer

Paul A. Bristow

John Maddock

Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

A Windows utility to show the properties of statistical distributions using parameters provided interactively by the user.

The distributions provided are:

Properties of distributions computed are:

Calculated, from values provided, are:

Results can be saved to text files using Save or SaveAs. All the values on the four tabs are output to the file chosen, and are tab separated to assist input to other programs, for example, spreadsheets or text editors.

Note: Excel (for example), only shows 10 decimal digits, by default: to display the maximum possible precision (about 15 decimal digits), it is necessary to format all cells to display this precision. Although unusually accurate, not all values computed by Distexplorer will be as accurate as this. Values shown as NaN cannot be calculated from the value(s) given, most commonly because the value input is outside the range for the distribution.

For more information, including downloads, see

Distexplorer at Sourceforge

This Microsoft Windows 32 package distribution.exe was generated from a C# program and uses a boost_math.dll generated using the Boost.Math C++ source code from the Boost.Math Toolkit, compiled in CLI mode, containing the underlying statistical distribution classes and functions.

All source code is freely available for view and use under the Boost Open Source License.

Math Toolkit C++ source code to produce boost_math.dll is in the most recent Boost release, initially 1.35.0.

It is distributed as a single Windows Installer package Setupdistex.msi. Unzip the to a temporary location of your choice and run setup.exe.

(Note that .NET framework 2.0 and VCredist are requirements for this program. Most recent and updated Windows environments will already have these, but they are quickly, easily and safely installed from the Microsoft site if required.)

(The package cannot be run on other platforms at present but it should be possible to build an equivalent utility on any C/C++ platform if anyone would like to undertake this task.)

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