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Copyright 2019 Glen Joseph Fernandes

Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.

#include <boost/core/addressof.hpp>
#include <boost/config.hpp>

namespace boost {
namespace serialization {

template<class T>
class nvp {
    nvp(const char* n, T& v) BOOST_NOEXCEPT
        : n_(n)
        , v_(boost::addressof(v)) { }

    const char* name() const BOOST_NOEXCEPT {
        return n_;

    T& value() const BOOST_NOEXCEPT {
        return *v_;

    const T& const_value() const BOOST_NOEXCEPT {
        return *v_;

    const char* n_;
    T* v_;

template<class T>
inline const nvp<T>
make_nvp(const char* n, T& v) BOOST_NOEXCEPT
    return nvp<T>(n, v);

} /* serialization */

using serialization::nvp;
using serialization::make_nvp;

} /* boost */

#define BOOST_NVP(v) boost::make_nvp(BOOST_STRINGIZE(v), v)