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    Copyright (c) 2001-2010 Joel de Guzman
    Copyright (c) 2010 Thomas Heller

    Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See accompanying
    file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

#include <boost/phoenix/core/limits.hpp>
#include <boost/phoenix/core/call.hpp>
#include <boost/phoenix/core/expression.hpp>
#include <boost/phoenix/core/meta_grammar.hpp>

  , (meta_grammar) // Cond
    (meta_grammar) // Do

namespace boost { namespace phoenix
    struct while_eval
        typedef void result_type;

        template <typename Cond, typename Do, typename Context>
        operator()(Cond const& cond, Do const& do_it, Context const & ctx) const
            while(boost::phoenix::eval(cond, ctx))
                boost::phoenix::eval(do_it, ctx);
    template <typename Dummy>
    struct default_actions::when<rule::while_, Dummy>
        : call<while_eval, Dummy>

    template <typename Cond>
    struct while_gen
        while_gen(Cond const& cond_) : cond(cond_) {}

        template <typename Do>
        typename expression::while_<Cond, Do>::type const
        operator[](Do const& do_it) const
            return expression::while_<Cond, Do>::make(cond, do_it);

        Cond const& cond;

    template <typename Cond>
    while_gen<Cond> const
    while_(Cond const& cond)
        return while_gen<Cond>(cond);