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// Boost tokenizer.hpp  -----------------------------------------------------//

// (c) Copyright Jeremy Siek and John R. Bandela 2001. 

// Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See
// accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

// See for documenation

// Revision History:
// 03 Jul 2003   John Bandela
//      Converted to new iterator adapter
// 02 Feb 2002   Jeremy Siek
//      Removed tabs and a little cleanup.


#include <boost/token_iterator.hpp>

namespace boost {

  // A container-view of a tokenized "sequence"
  template <
    typename TokenizerFunc = char_delimiters_separator<char>, 
    typename Iterator = std::string::const_iterator,
    typename Type = std::string
  class tokenizer {
    typedef token_iterator_generator<TokenizerFunc,Iterator,Type> TGen;
    // It seems that MSVC does not like the unqualified use of iterator,
    // Thus we use iter internally when it is used unqualified and
    // the users of this class will always qualify iterator.     
    typedef typename TGen::type iter;
    typedef iter iterator;
    typedef iter const_iterator;
    typedef Type value_type;
    typedef value_type& reference;
    typedef const value_type& const_reference;
    typedef value_type* pointer;
    typedef const pointer const_pointer;
    typedef void size_type;
    typedef void difference_type;

    tokenizer(Iterator first, Iterator last,
              const TokenizerFunc& f = TokenizerFunc()) 
      : first_(first), last_(last), f_(f) { }
    template <typename Container>
    tokenizer(const Container& c)
      : first_(c.begin()), last_(c.end()), f_() { }
    template <typename Container>
    tokenizer(const Container& c,const TokenizerFunc& f)
      : first_(c.begin()), last_(c.end()), f_(f) { }
    void assign(Iterator first, Iterator last){
      first_ = first;
      last_ = last;
    void assign(Iterator first, Iterator last, const TokenizerFunc& f){
      f_ = f;
    template <typename Container>
    void assign(const Container& c){
    template <typename Container>
    void assign(const Container& c, const TokenizerFunc& f){
    iter begin() const { return iter(f_,first_,last_); }
    iter end() const { return iter(f_,last_,last_); }
    Iterator first_;
    Iterator last_;
    TokenizerFunc f_;

} // namespace boost