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The BasicMatrix concept provides a minimalist interface for accessing elements from a 2 dimensional table of values.

Refinement of



{M,I,V} The matrix, index, and values types that together model the BasicMatrix concept.
A An object of type M.
i, j Objects of type I.

Associated Types


Valid Expressions

A[i][j] Returns a reference to the element object stored at index (i,j)
Return type: V& for mutable A or const V& for constant A.

Complexity guarantees

Element access is constant time.

Concept Checking Class

  template <class M, class I, class V>
  struct BasicMatrixConcept
    void constraints() {
      V& elt = A[i][j];
    void const_constraints(const M& A) {
      const V& elt = A[i][j];
    M A;
    I i, j;

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