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distributedS Distribution Selector

The Boost Graph Library's class template adjacency_list supports several selectors that indicate what data structure should be used for the storage of edges or vertices. The selector vecS, for instance, indicates storage in a std::vector whereas listS indicates storage in a std::list. The Parallel BGL's distributed adjacency list supports an additional selector, distributedS, that indicates that the storage should be distributed across multiple processes. This selector can transform a sequential adjacency list into a distributed adjacency list.

template<typename ProcessGroup, typename LocalSelector = vecS>
struct distributedS;

Template parameters

The type of the process group over which the property map is distributed and also the medium for communication. This type must model the Process Group concept, but certain data structures may place additional requirements on this parameter.
A selector type (e.g., vecS) that indicates how vertices or edges should be stored in each process.

Copyright (C) 2005 The Trustees of Indiana University.

Authors: Douglas Gregor and Andrew Lumsdaine