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Struct template on_codomain_model<Type, false>

boost::icl::interval_base_map::on_codomain_model<Type, false>


// In header: <boost/icl/interval_base_map.hpp>

template<typename Type> 
struct on_codomain_model<Type, false> {
  // types
  typedef Type::interval_type    interval_type;   
  typedef Type::codomain_type    codomain_type;   
  typedef Type::segment_type     segment_type;    
  typedef Type::codomain_combine codomain_combine;

  // public static functions
  static void add(Type &, interval_type &, const codomain_type &, 
                  const codomain_type &);


on_codomain_model public static functions

  1. static void add(Type & intersection, interval_type & common_interval, 
                    const codomain_type &, const codomain_type &);