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Helper trait that returns result.


Defined in header <boost/json/system_error.hpp>

    class T1,
    class T2>
struct result_for

The primary template is an incomplete type. The library provides a partial specialisation result_for<T1, value>, that has nested type alias type that aliases the type result<T1>. The purpose of this trait is to let users provide non-throwing conversions for their types without creating a physical dependency on Boost.Json. For example:

namespace boost
namespace json

template<class T>
struct value_to_tag;

template<class T1, class T2>
struct result_for;

namespace mine
    class my_class;
    template<class JsonValue>
    boost::json::result_for<my_class, JsonValue>
    tag_invoke(boost::json::try_value_to_tag<my_class>, const JsonValue& jv)
    { ... }
See Also

try_value_to, try_value_to_tag

Convenience header <boost/json.hpp>