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This section aims to recognize the contributions of all the different people that participated directly or indirectly to the design and development of this library.

Many thanks to Steven Watanabe and Vicente Botet for suggesting to me to use Boost.ScopeExit binding to emulate local functions. Many thanks to Alexander Nasonov for clarifying how Boost.ScopeExit binding could be used to implement local functions and for some early work in this direction.

Many thanks to Gregory Crosswhite for using an early version of this library in one of his projects.

Thanks to David Abrahams, Vicente Botet, et al. for suggesting to provide the variadic macro syntax on compilers that support variadic macros.

Thanks to Pierre Morcello for sharing some code that experimented with implementing local functions using Boost.ScopeExit binding (even if this library is not based on such a code).

Thanks to John Bytheway for checking the authors' virtual functor technique that originally allowed this library to pass local functions as template parameters.

Thanks to Jeffrey Lee Hellrung for suggesting the use of the "keyword" bind to bind variables in scope and for suggesting to use bind(type) to optionally specify the bound variable type. Thanks to Vicente Botet for suggesting to provide a macro to expose the bound variable type to the public API.

Thanks to Steven Watanabe, Vicente Botet, Michael Caisse, Yechezkel Mett, Joel de Guzman, Thomas Heller, et al. for helping with the Alternatives section and with the profiling of the different alternatives.

Many thanks to Jeffrey Lee Hellrung for managing the Boost review of this library. Thanks also to all the people that submitted a Boost review: Andrzej Krzemienski, Edward Diener, Gregory Crosswhite, John Bytheway, Hartmut Kaiser, Krzysztof Czainski, Nat Lindon, Pierre Morcello, Thomas Heller, and Vicente J. Botet. Thanks to everyone that commented on the library during its Boost review.

Finally, many thanks to the entire Boost community and mailing list for providing valuable comments about this library and great insights on the C++ programming language.