boost::locale::generic_codecvt< CharType, CodecvtImpl, 2 > Class Template Reference

UTF-16 to/from UTF-8 codecvt facet to use with char16_t or wchar_t on Windows. More...

#include <boost/locale/generic_codecvt.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for boost::locale::generic_codecvt< CharType, CodecvtImpl, 2 >:

Public Types

typedef CharType uchar
- Public Types inherited from boost::locale::generic_codecvt_base
enum  initial_convertion_state { to_unicode_state, from_unicode_state }
 Initial state for converting to or from unicode code points, used by initial_state in derived classes. More...

Public Member Functions

 generic_codecvt (size_t refs=0)
const CodecvtImpl & implementation () const

Protected Member Functions

std::codecvt_base::result do_unshift (std::mbstate_t &s, char *from, char *, char *&next) const override
int do_encoding () const noexcept override
int do_max_length () const noexcept override
bool do_always_noconv () const noexcept override
int do_length (std::mbstate_t &std_state, const char *from, const char *from_end, size_t max) const override
std::codecvt_base::result do_in (std::mbstate_t &std_state, const char *from, const char *from_end, const char *&from_next, uchar *to, uchar *to_end, uchar *&to_next) const override
std::codecvt_base::result do_out (std::mbstate_t &std_state, const uchar *from, const uchar *from_end, const uchar *&from_next, char *to, char *to_end, char *&to_next) const override

Detailed Description

template<typename CharType, typename CodecvtImpl>
class boost::locale::generic_codecvt< CharType, CodecvtImpl, 2 >

UTF-16 to/from UTF-8 codecvt facet to use with char16_t or wchar_t on Windows.

Note in order to fit the requirements of usability by std::wfstream it uses mbstate_t to handle intermediate states in handling of variable length UTF-16 sequences

Its member functions implement standard virtual functions of basic codecvt

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