boost::locale::info Class Referenceabstract

a facet that holds general information about locale More...

#include <boost/locale/info.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  string_propery {
  language_property, country_property, variant_property, encoding_property,
 String information about the locale. More...
enum  integer_property { utf8_property }
 Integer information about locale. More...

Public Member Functions

 info (size_t refs=0)
 Standard facet's constructor.
std::string language () const
 Get language name.
std::string country () const
 Get country name.
std::string variant () const
 Get locale variant.
std::string encoding () const
 Get encoding.
std::string name () const
 Get the name of the locale, like en_US.UTF-8.
bool utf8 () const
 True if the underlying encoding is UTF-8 (for char streams and strings)

Static Public Attributes

static std::locale::id id
 This member uniquely defines this facet, required by STL.

Protected Member Functions

virtual std::string get_string_property (string_propery v) const =0
 Get string property by its id v.
virtual int get_integer_property (integer_property v) const =0
 Get integer property by its id v.

Detailed Description

a facet that holds general information about locale

This facet should be always created in order to make all Boost.Locale functions work

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ integer_property

Integer information about locale.


Non zero value if uses UTF-8 encoding.

◆ string_propery

String information about the locale.


ISO 639 language id.


ISO 3166 country id.


Variant for locale.


encoding name


locale name

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