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Class template wseverity_channel_logger

boost::log::sources::wseverity_channel_logger — Wide-char logger. Functionally equivalent to basic_severity_logger and basic_channel_logger.


// In header: <boost/log/sources/severity_channel_logger.hpp>

template<typename LevelT = int, typename ChannelT = std::wstring> 
class wseverity_channel_logger : public basic_composite_logger< wchar_t, wseverity_channel_logger< LevelT, ChannelT >, single_thread_model, features< severity< LevelT >, channel< ChannelT > > >
  // construct/copy/destruct
  wseverity_channel_logger(wseverity_channel_logger const &);
  template<typename... ArgsT> 
    explicit wseverity_channel_logger(ArgsT... const &);
  wseverity_channel_logger & operator=(wseverity_channel_logger const &);


See severity and channel class templates for a more detailed description

wseverity_channel_logger public construct/copy/destruct

  1. wseverity_channel_logger();

    Default constructor

  2. wseverity_channel_logger(wseverity_channel_logger const & that);

    Copy constructor

  3. template<typename... ArgsT> 
      explicit wseverity_channel_logger(ArgsT... const & args);

    Constructor with named arguments

  4. wseverity_channel_logger & operator=(wseverity_channel_logger const & that);

    Assignment operator

    Swaps two loggers