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Boost.MultiArray: Extra Notes

Compiler Support

Boost.MultiArray was designed with compiler support in mind. Interface compromises were kept to a minimum, but efforts were made to account for C++ Standard compliance issues in compilers that were popular at the time the library was written. That said, Boost.MultiArray has been tested with the following compilers:
  1. Gnu C++ Compiler v2.95.2 (compile with -ftemplate-depth-50)
  2. Gnu C++ Compiler v3.0.2
  3. Kuck and Associates C++ Compiler v4.0f
  4. Microsoft Visual C++ v6.0 sp5
  5. Comeau C++ Compiler v4.2.45 beta 2 (libcomo beta 14)
  6. Intel C++ Compiler v5.0 (with MS lib v6.0 sp5)
  7. Metrowerks CodeWarrior C++ Compiler v7.1
Boost.MultiArray is known to NOT work with Borland C++ v5.5.1. Support for this compiler is forthcoming.

Future Work

The following is a list of work that is intended for the near future -- following the initial addition of the library to the Boost distribution:
  1. Pursue and document performance issues related to compilers and implementation.
  2. More comprehensive examples of using the library components.
  3. Extensive rewrite of the user documentation to make it more accessible.

Ronald Garcia
Last modified: Wed Jan 8 18:09:46 EST 2003