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In the context of this library, metadata refers to information describing a column retrieved by the execution of a SQL query. The metadata class contains information about an individual column.

You may access metadata using results::meta or execution_state::meta. There is a metadata object per column retrieved by the query. The metadata objects are present even if no row was returned by the query (e.g. a SELECT on an empty table).

connection objects have an associated metadata_mode that describes how to handle metadata when running a query or a statement:

Only the metadata members that are strings (database, table and field names) are affected by this setting. You may change this setting using connection::set_meta_mode.

For example:

// By default, a connection has metadata_mode::minimal
results result;
conn.query("SELECT 1 AS my_field", result);
string_view colname = result.meta()[0].column_name();

// colname will be empty because conn.meta_mode() == metadata_mode::minimal
ASSERT(colname == "");

// If you are using metadata names, set the connection's metadata_mode
conn.query("SELECT 1 AS my_field", result);
colname = result.meta()[0].column_name();
ASSERT(colname == "my_field");