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Boost Phoenix: A Library for Functional Programming in C++

Copyright (c) 2005-2010 Joel de Guzman
Copyright (c) 2010-2013 Thomas Heller
Copyright (c) 2014-2015 John Fletcher
Copyright (c) 2016 Kohei Takahashi

Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See accompanying
file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at


TODO (known issues):
- Create a full list of known issues.
- Check all the examples and ammend as needed.
- Update documentation to be consistent with examples.
- Identify other boost libraries using Phoenix in order to
  decide on priorities for fixing the bugs below.
    One such library is Boost log.
- Identify dependencies on other libraries and cooperate on bugs.
    It is now known that the other libraries which use Boost Phoenix
    are Boost Spirit and Boost Meta State Machine (MSM)
- Add more examples
- Develop documentation.
    A start has been made on this in release 3.1.0
- Inspection report outstanding issues
    Fix libs/phoenix/doc/html/boostbook.css: Unlinked File
- Investigate fixes needed for the following bugs
(all refer to phoenix though not all may be in fact phoenix bugs
#9742 (NEW)
#9291, #9260, #8820, #8800
#8558, #8504, #8187, #8156, #7996
#7953, #7946, #7481, #7480, #7423
#7391, #7356, #6911, #6848,
#6202, #6133, #6026, #5687
- Feature requests
#7730 Potential fixes for this have been removed for further work.
#7633, #5541
- Complete work on the following under investigation
#9363, #9362, #8564, #7199
- #5875 local variable in phoenix let discards value
This seemed already fixed but is not doing well in tests.
Added test bug5875 - test withdrawn for further checking.



- Many of components now supports C++11 variadic templates.
  This is not a breaking change.

- Boost 1.59.0

- Support for <unordered_set> and <unordered_map>
  This involves the following changes.
  phoenix/config.hpp - New section with the following description:

  This section is to sort out whether hash types or unordered types
  are available. This depends on whether stdlib or libc++ is being used
  and also whether C++11 or C++03 is being used.

  Client code should contain this:


  #define BOOST_PHOENIX_UNORDERED_SET_HEADER <unordered_set>
  #define BOOST_PHOENIX_UNORDERED_MAP_HEADER <unordered_map>

  The client code can then chose the implementation provided.
  See the example in test/stl/querying_find2.cpp
  This example file has been adjusted for a problem with MSVC 10

  Modified files:
  New files:
  New test file:

  Support for retrieving the return type of boost::phoenix::function objects.
  This is needed in the lazy functionality.
  Modified file: boost/phoenix/function/function.hpp

  Revised version of lazy functionality with added functions.
  Modified files in boost/phoenix/function:
    lazy_operator.hpp lazy_prelude.hpp lazy_reuse.hpp
  New files:
    lazy_signature.hpp lazy_smart.hpp
  New test files:
    lazy_compose_tests.cpp lazy_fold_tests.cpp lazy_scan_tests.cpp

- Feature enhancements #5604 Sequenced statements of a catch_ statement is
  now able to handle thrown exception via local variables.

  Modified files:
  Modified test files:

- V3.2.0 in Boost 1.58.0

- patch for #10927 in test/stdlib/cmath.cpp
- patch for #11085 in test/function/function_tests.cpp

- Bump version number to 3.2.0 in version.hpp.

- New header files in boost/phoenix/function
  These are the first versions of the lazy functionality being introduced.
  This is reimplementation of the ideas in FC++ on top of Phoenix.
  The Phoenix code used is Phoenix.Function, along with Boost.Function.
  lazy_prelude.hpp  This is the top level header and also has prelude functions.
  lazy_operator.hpp This defines lazy operators such as plus and minus.
  lazy_list.hpp     This defines list<T> a lazy list class and associated code.
  lazy_reuser.hpp   This defines the reuser functions used in the code.

- New tests for lazy functionality.
  test/include/function/lazy_headers Test of the header structure.
  test/function/lazy_list_tests      Simple tests of list<T>.
  test/function/lazy_list2_tests     More tests of list<T>.
- Develop documentation for version 3.2.0
  This includes a new section on the lazy list implementation.

- Fixed name clash by renaming 'at' to be 'at_' because the name 'at' is
  used in phoenix/stl/container/container.hpp.

- Fixed an unused typedef in phoenix/scope/let.hpp
  - contributed by Kohei Takahashi

- V3.1.1

- Bump version number to 3.1.1 in version.hpp and branch for release.

- New tests for lazy functions using existing phoenix/function capability.
  lazy_argument_tests, lazy_make_pair_tests, lazy_templated_struct_tests

- New example bind_goose.cpp comparing boost.bind and boost.phoenix.bind.

- Changes to let_tests and more_let_tests to avoid failing cases.

- Updates to documentation.

- V3.1.0
- Bump version number to 3.1.0 in version.hpp and branch for release.
- New file boost/phoenix/config.hpp to centralise configuration issues.
  At the moment it simply includes boost/config.hpp
- Changes to some tests to identify problems with several compilers.
- Add more cases to cmath test to test failures on some compilers.
- #7165 and #7166 Change tests to phoenix/core.hpp to reduce compiler load
- Testing fix for failures of tests as follows
  bind_member_function_tests, bind_mf2_test, bind_test
  with compilers including gcc 4.9.0 and clang 3.5
  This involves use of boost::lazy_disable_if to resolve
  the choice of overloaded bind functions in
  bind/bind_member_function.hpp Add reverse test boost::lazy_enable_if
  This resolves a smaller number of failures.
- #9742 New tests for_each and for_test to attempt to resolve this.
- bind_rv_sp_test changed to give workaround for MSVC 8,9,10,
  This removes a COMDAT error which does not occur with boost/bind.

- V3.0.6
- Fixed bug in example/container_actor.cpp in end() function.
- Fixed bug4853 and 5626 - added header <utility> for std::forward.
- Fixed bug4853 - added header <iostream> for gcc 4.9 test
- New Feature - boost::phoenix::display_expr(expr)
    In file boost/phoenix/core/debug.hpp
    and also included from boost/phoenix/core.hpp
    For now this drops through to the boost Proto version.
    I intend to add some more tags for better information.
    New test debug for the new header.
- New test more_let_tests to check for problems with losing temporary values.
    I think this is a serious problem which is affecting some compilers
    and not others. I have seen the problem with Clang 3.4 although not
    when run with C++11. These tests should find out where else there is a
    problem. At the moment these tests are passing.
    I now have cases which fail for Clang 3.4 with optimization -O2 but not
    without optimization. Under investigation.

- V3.0.5
- Documentation
    Start on fixing main documentation - whats new.
    Fixed reference for FC++ in two locations.
    Fixed example for nested let (#8564)
- Fixed #9113 warnings on -Wshadow
    Fixed all warnings
- Fixed #8298 Clang error with Boost Phoenix Local Name Assignment using C++11
    This is not expected to compile in the form supplied.
    Added test bug8298 to show correct operation.
    Added test bug8298f to show expected failure.
- Fixed #7730 Generic specializations of is_nullary for custom terminals
    are not possible
    Fix to specialize custom terminals is now set as a default.
    Test bug7730 tests the not use case.

- V3.0.4
- Inspection report outstanding issues
    Fixed copyright and licence in preprocessed files for function_equal
- boost/phoenix/version.hpp Added BOOST_PHOENIX_VERSION_NUMBER
    when boost/predef is available.
- Fixed tabs in ChangeLog!!
- Fixed #9295 PHOENIX_LIMIT macro clash: property_tree -- log/sink
    This will not show up in phoenix - used in spirit/classic
- Fixed #8704 Using Phoenix lambdas on top of custom Proto expressions
    This works for C++11 only.
    Test cmath applies to this.
- Fixed #7624 Deduction failure
    This works for C++11 and has a workaround for C++03
    Test bug7624 tests both versions.
- Fixed #7166 Phoenix unconditionally sets BOOST_PROTO_MAX_ARITY
    using patch supplied
    Added test bug7166
- Fixed #7165 cannot change BOOST_PHOENIX_LIMIT
    using patch supplied
    Added test bug7165
- Fixed #6665 not-unary phoenix stl cmath adapted functions not working
    Added test cmath

- V3.0.3
- Fixed #5824 Block statement headers and docs
    Added test bug5824

- V3.0.2
- Fixed #5715 sequencing with comma does not work for boost::phoenix::bind
    Added test bug5715

- V3.0.1
- Fixed bug_000008 to use phoenix headers correctly.
    This fixes it for most systems but not for
    Clang Linux C++11 with libstdc++ where the problem seems
    to be in boost/thread.
    Clang Linux C++11 with libc++ works.
- Fixed #9113 warnings on -Wshadow (some fixed)
- Fixed #9111 unused parameter warning in phoenix bind
- Fixed #8417 Minor documentation
- Fixed #7181 MSVC warnings
- Fixed #6268 phoenix and fusion operator < and added test bug6268
- Fixed many issues from Inspection report
    phoenix/core/detail/phx_result.hpp Fixed clash with Apple macro 'check'
    Fixed copyright and licence issues
    Fixed tabs in some files
    Deleted some empty unused files
    Added tests for includes not being tested.

Boost V1.55:
- V3.0.0
- Boost Phoenix as passed on to new maintainer John Fletcher