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5.- Gratitude

Steven Ross

To Steve's wife Mary for her patience and support during the long process of converting spreadsort from a piece of C code to a template library.

To Phil Endecott and Frank Gennari for the improvements they've suggested and for testing. Without them this would have taken longer to develop or performed worse.

To Scott McMurray for the fast and safe float_mem_cast. That fix was critical for a high-performance cross-platform __float_sort.

To Paul A. Bristow for refactoring the initial documentation to use Quickbooks.

To Steven Watanabe, Edouard Alligand, and others in the boost community for their helpful suggestions.

Francisco Tapia

To CESVIMA, Centro de Cálculo de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. When need machines for to tune this algorithm, I contacted with the investigation department of many Universities of Madrid. Only them, help me.

To Hartmut Kaiser, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Louisiana State University. By their faith in my work,

To Steven Ross, by their infinite patience in the long way in the develop of this algorithm, and their wise advises.

Orson Peters